Books & Course Materials

List of Required Books, eBooks, and Course Supplies 2020-21

Notes on Purchasing Course Materials

  • Please purchase the specific editions as indicated in this document.
  • When purchasing textbooks, if there is an option to purchase from Amazon or from the publisher, we have provided both links; it’s your choice. Most publishers ship worldwide.
  • When purchasing an ebook, if there is an option to purchase the Amazon Kindle edition or iBook, we have provided both links; it’s your choice.
  • When purchasing used textbooks please be aware of longer shipping times.
  • When purchasing from Amazon please use the links we have provided and sign in to your AmazonSmile account to further support Stoneleigh-Burnham School.
  • Some textbooks and e-book access codes will be sent directly to students from the school store, these are noted, and your smart account will be charged.
  • Attention International families — we understand some materials may not be available in your country or they may take extra time to ship – we are here to help you acquire all course materials. If you need assistance please reach out to Lisa Ganci, Textbook Manager at
  • Please have a supply of lined spiral notebooks or lined paper; plain white paper for drawing; folders or binders for keeping loose notes; pens, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters; and a weekly/monthly planner (which could also be printed from free online sources). Post-it or sticky notes would be helpful to have but not required.

For all general questions, please contact Bookstore Manager Lisa Ganci at