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Our Equestrian Center is located on campus at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. We offer a variety of programs for Stoneleigh-Burnham students as well as our local community, the British Horse Society (BHS) professional course of study, and summer programs. We also host indoor and outdoor competitions throughout the year at our British Horse Society-approved Livery Yard, Riding School, and Facility.

Stoneleigh-Burnham is the only secondary school in the U.S. to offer British Horse Society Certification. Our riders join a long heritage of respected equestrians and benefit from an engaged alumnae base that is as passionate about horses as they are about our school.

Every rider, from beginner to advanced, receives personalized instruction that reflects her interests, goals, and abilities. Licensed coaches provide instruction tailored to all levels with training in equitation, hunters, jumpers, eventing, dressage, and equine studies. Group classes are typically comprised of four to six students, with great care taken to match ability levels within a group. Private and semi-private lessons are also available with any of our licensed instructors.

Become an internationally certified instructor through the British Horse Society (BHS) Certification program at Stoneleigh-Burnham Equestrian Center. British Horse Society logo

Long recognized internationally for setting the highest standards for instruction, the system set forth by the British Horse Society (BHS) complements Stoneleigh-Burnham’s dedication to providing students who aspire to careers in horsemanship with a firm academic footing at the high school level.

Unlike existing certification programs in the United States, the prestigious BHS certification is recognized in thirty-two countries worldwide. Graduates of the program are prepared to take their BHS international examinations in order to earn an international trainer’s passport, which helps qualify them for equestrian careers in management roles around the world.

The BHS program at Stoneleigh-Burnham has been structured to educate students in all aspects of the horse, horse-care, and competition through classroom lectures on theory, written instruction, and through practical, hands-on demonstrations in the stable, as well as riding instruction in the areas of dressage, cross-country jumping, and stadium jumping. The program is structured in levels, emphasizing mastery of skills rather than graded coursework. Certification is administered in person by examiners from the United Kingdom, once per year, and exams are pass/fail. Stoneleigh-Burnham is a certified BHS facility and a certified BHS testing center.

Stoneleigh-Burnham students who enroll in the BHS program will study under Equestrian Center Director George Halkett. Students attend their regular classes during the school day and attend BHS lectures, riding lessons, and other related activities outside of their academic commitments. Ideally, students who wish to graduate from Stoneleigh-Burnham with a diploma and the BHS certification should plan to start in Grade 9, however, some exceptions can be made. For particularly dedicated students, it will be possible to graduate with their high school diploma from Stoneleigh-Burnham and a full, certified international trainer’s passport through the BHS.

The BHS certification program is also available to high school graduates.

British Horse Society Program Admission Process

The British Horse Society (BHS) program is an internationally recognized training and certification program open to both students of Stoneleigh-Burnham School and non-students. The goal of the British Horse Society program at Stoneleigh-Burnham is to prepare future equestrian professionals to succeed in their chosen field by giving them a practical, hands-on foundation from which to build their careers in stable management, horse training, and riding instruction. It requires full commitment by the enrolled student to the pursuit of his or her equestrian education.

Students of Stoneleigh-Burnham School may pursue “Track 1” or “Track 2.” Please see the British Horse Society Handbook for a detailed explanation of these tracks.

Non-students will pursue “Track 3” in the program and will thus be full-time British Horse Society students. Please see the British Horse Society Handbook for a detailed explanation of this track.

Admission process for Stoneleigh-Burnham School students:

  • Apply/gain admission to Stoneleigh-Burnham School.
  • Apply to the BHS program. Students may request an application from Equestrian Director George Halkett. (Please note that separate essay questions are required for portions of this application as well as a video of the applicant riding).
  • Undergo a personal interview with a member of the BHS instructional staff at Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

For Full-Time BHS Candidates (not enrolled at Stoneleigh-Burnham):

  • Complete the initial BHS application for full-time BHS candidates. 
(Please note that high school and/or college information, a detailed work history, and a video of the candidate riding are required for portions of this application).
  • Undergo a personal interview with a member of the BHS instructional staff at Stoneleigh-Burnham School.
  • Submit to a standard employee background check.

British Horse Society Program Costs

For Stoneleigh-Burnham School enrolled students: 

  • Riding (3 group lessons per week) – $1,400 per trimester 
  • Horse Knowledge & Care (Lecture & Practical) – $550 per trimester 
  • Total –​ ​$1,950 per trimester / $5,850 per academic year

For Full-Time BHS candidates: 

  • $6,400 per quarter (includes all riding, lecture and practical training)
  • Total –​ ​$25,600 – 12 months 

Accommodations & Meal Plans:

  • Accommodations and meal plan fees will be catered to each student based upon their individual needs. 

Examination Fees (all students):

  • Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship – $265*
  • Stage 2 Complete Horsemanship – $750*
  • Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship – $850*

&All fees are subject to change, as they are determined by the BHS and the pound-dollar exchange rate at time of examination.

British Horse Society Handbook

Download the handbook here.

At Stoneleigh-Burnham School, we believe the best preparation for students who wish to pursue equestrian careers is not found only in the classroom, nor is it best delivered by spending time only in the stable.

The British Horse Society (BHS) program at Stoneleigh-Burnham School is structured to educate students in both areas, through classroom theory lectures and written instruction and through practical, hands-on demonstrations in the stable, as well as riding instruction in the areas of dressage, cross-country jumping, and stadium jumping.

Students who complete the BHS educational system at Stoneleigh-Burnham School may sit their BHS international examinations in order to earn an international trainer’s passport. Alternatively, students who wish simply to expand their knowledge of horse care and stable management may participate in the course for personal enrichment.

The purpose of this handbook is to detail all aspects of the British Horse Society program at Stoneleigh-Burnham School, including the three “tracks” of study available to both enrolled students of SBS and non-students.

The first and only secondary school equestrian facility in the United States to achieve prestigious certification as a British Horse Society-approved Livery Yard, Riding School, and Facility.

The Stoneleigh-Burnham Equestrian Center offers:

  • Two indoor riding rings: Flagg Hall (100′ by 200′) and The Lion’s Den (72′ by 120′) are surfaced with state-of-the-art, high-tech German Geotextile (GGT) footing
  • Expansive outdoor facility:
    • Enclosed sand ring
    • European-style Derby field
    • Cross-country course with levels from beginner novice to preliminary
    • Extensive trail network encircling our 100-acre campus
  • Heated viewing room: Fuller Lounge, accommodating up to 200 people
  • Two heated barns: stabling for 55 horses, each offering its own wash stall and heated tack room
  • Equine rehabilitation facility: Our equipment and knowledgeable staff can help your equine athlete recover from an injury and/or surgery. Open to our local community, our facility features a solarium, digital weight scale, wash stall, heated barn, vet office, and two indoor arenas. Please contact equinerehab@sbschool.org to learn more. Rehab treatments include:
    • Wound care
    • Suture care
    • Stall rest
    • IV care
    • Hand walking
    • Abscess wrapping
    • Poultice
    • Therapeutic shoeing
    • Top-quality vet care… and more!

Many students bring their own horses while others take lessons with, or lease one of, the school’s team of more than 35 horses that are capable of competing and succeeding at every level of competition.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School has been a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association since its official inception in 2002 and boasts four consecutive National Titles.

We offer both Middle School (Grades 7 & 8) and Upper School (Grades 9 – 12 & Postgraduate + Gap Year) Hunt Seat teams that compete within the largest zone in the country.

The unique aspect of IEA competitions, both at the local and national level, is that none of the riders will supply their own horses or tack. Instead, the host team arranges for the horses and equipment. Since the horse is new to the rider, the scores are based upon horsemanship and equitation. Riders are randomly assigned a horse for each class, one jumping and one flat, and are judged on their equitation against riders at their level.

Director of the Equestrian Center
Assistant Stable Manager
Director of Riding
Stable Manager

The Stoneleigh-Burnham School Equestrian Wall of Fame honors and celebrates the achievements of our alumnae who have made significant contributions and brought distinction to various areas of the equestrian world.

Wall of Fame inductees have been involved in the equestrian field in numerous ways including as rider, trainer, coach, breeder, owner, artist, journalist, jockey, author, veterinarian, judge, manager, rescuer, ASPCA, braider, groom, equine pharmaceuticals and photographer.

2017 Equestrian Wall of Fame Inductee

Vicki Humphrey Oliver ’91

2014 Equestrian Wall of Fame Inductees

Margaret “Gigi” Altmiller McIntosh ’72
Alexandra Linscheid O’Toole ’03
Caroline Roffman ’06
Alexandra Warriner ’90

2012 Equestrian Wall of Fame Inductees

The 2001 IEA National Championship Team including:

McKenzie Rollins ’01
Ashley Grant ’04
Emily Wood Thompson ’01
Naomi Gendron-Waidlich ’01
Flora Wu ’01

2011 Equestrian Wall of Fame Inductees

Abby Fuller ’77
Joannah Hall Glass ’59S
Kimberly Cartier Dome ’94
Libby Cowperthwaite Schmittdiel ’84
Mina Payne ’78

2010 Equestrian Wall of Fame Inductees

Suzanne Bell Fraser ’72
Jerilyn Jacobs ’85
Amy Stegall ’86
Vicky Castegren ’94
Samantha Pleasant ’02

Nomination and Selection Process

Inductees are determined by a selection committee based on criteria of achievement, record, advancement, and/or demonstration of a significant contribution to the equine field.

To nominate an alumna to be inducted into the Stoneleigh-Burnham Equestrian Wall of Fame, please fill out the nomination form below.

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