English 9

This course introduces students to a variety of literary genres including novels, short stories, science fiction, drama, and memoir, helping students gain the literary vocabulary necessary for the study of English at the high school level. Students will be pushed to think actively and independently, developing critical thinking skills through discussion and assignments. In writing, they will focus on how to write a formal analytical paragraph, including citing textual evidence; how to write a five-paragraph analytical essay complete with thesis statement, relevant topic sentences, and textual evidence to support their statements; how to effectively plan, write, revise, and edit their written work. Reading skills focus on: how to identify and track the development of the theme of a work; how to identify and interpret symbolism in a work; how to identify author intent to further understand the intentional design of a work; how to understand the ways a text can make a statement about the society of its time; and how to annotate and take notes effectively. Oral skills are practiced through formal presentations and daily discussions that challenge students to take a stand, share their ideas, and make personal connections to the reading while also practicing active listening.

Past texts include: The Invention of Wings, Of Mice and Men, Purple Hibiscus, Macbeth, A Raisin in the Sun, Fahrenheit 451, Night, The Secret Life of Bees, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The House on Mango Street, Romeo & Juliet, Freakonomics, selected poetry.


English 9 Instructor: Celine Nader