Stoneleigh-Burnham Athletics

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Athletics at Stoneleigh-Burnham are an essential aspect of student life.

We believe that athletics is a positive developmental medium that enriches the educational and personal experiences of the student body as healthy athletes and teammates. Through athletics, students expand their own expectations of their abilities, develop leadership skills that are transferable beyond the athletic arenas, and learn how to be an important entity of a larger team. As students graduate from SBS, we want to instill in them the idea that a healthy mind is enhanced by a healthy body.

The athletics department offers both interscholastic and recreational opportunities throughout the school year. Each season offers approximately 7 options, and SBS fields 12 different interscholastic sports. Some of the options include basketball, dance, riding, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, and recreational sports.

Come support the SBS Athletics Program and cheer on your Owls!

Scott Gray
Athletic Director