The Academic Center


The Academic Center is designed to support students in developing the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in an unmodified college-preparatory curriculum. It is neither tutoring nor homework help. It is not designed for students with severe learning disabilities or emotional/behavioral difficulties. If a student has an academic weakness or a mild learning difference, she may benefit from targeted instruction in specific academic skills or strategies. Students must be capable of completing work independently between sessions. Students may be referred for academic support through one of three avenues: the admissions process, performance in the classroom after enrollment, or her adviser.

To receive support through the Academic Center, students enroll in “Academic Skills,” a non-credit-bearing course. She will meet privately with the Director of the Academic Center one to three times per week for the duration of the academic year. As with any other course, attendance is required and absences are handled according to the School’s regular policy on class attendance. The fee for academic support is billed at the beginning of each trimester.

This is a program for the proactive student. Through the Academic Center, each student will learn to develop and use personally appropriate academic strategies in all subjects. She is expected to be active and engaged in strategy development and to work cooperatively with her teacher to the best of her abilities.

The most common areas of instruction include:

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Test taking
  • Memory and recall
  • Writing strategies
  • Essay planning
  • Advanced reading comprehension
  • Academic confidence
  • Critical and abstract thinking strategies
  • Self-advocacy
  • Math skills
  • Academic coaching for girls with attention deficit or executive functioning difficulties

Stoneleigh-Burnham School does not provide remedial instruction in any subject, nor do we provide specific language-based instruction such as Lindamood-Bell or Orton-Gillingham.

To learn more, please contact Apple Gifford, Director of the Academic Center.