College Counseling

Stoneleigh-Burnham prepares our students to meet the challenges of college and the choices they will face in their lives and careers. Throughout your career at SBS, your advisor will help you to select courses aligned with your interests and goals. One-on-one meetings with our College Counselor will ensure that you find colleges to suit your interests, academic pursuits, and career aspirations. Students are excused from classes for up to four college visits so that they can spend the necessary time to explore their options. Additionally, campus visits from university representatives will introduce you to schools you might otherwise not consider. Our 11th grade forum class with Lauren Cunniffe will provide strong support and guidance throughout the application process. SAT and ACT prep courses are available. Stoneleigh-Burnham has a 100% college acceptance rate, with many of our students matriculating at their top choice.

College Visits

Stoneleigh-Burnham uses RepVisits to schedule college admissions visits. Please contact Lauren Cunniffe, Director of College Counseling, at with any specific questions about visits.

College Counseling for Parents

To facilitate the college application process:

  • Please start the process¬†by reaching out Lauren Cunniffe by email.
  • Keep in close communication with your daughter and the counselor.
  • Connect with the college counselor by phone, email or schedule an in-person visit. Family Weekends in the fall and spring provide another opportunity to personally meet with the College Counselor.
  • Please thoroughly read our College Planning Guide.

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