SBS Significantly Reduces Day Student Tuition

In recent years, private school tuitions have increased much more rapidly than family incomes, so, in an effort to make our incredible educational experience accessible to more families in our local community, we have significantly decreased day student tuition and held boarding tuition flat for the 2020-2021 school year. By implementing a new commitment to private school affordability, Stoneleigh-Burnham School is on the leading edge of an important trend in independent school education. The School’s new tuition rates will make an SBS education a possibility for more local girls and will enrich the academic and co-curricular experience for all SBS students.

Reason for Reset

SBS has been a part of the Pioneer Valley community for the past 150 years and is committed to giving back to that community as we move into our next 150 years. With this tuition reset, our goals are to:

  • Enrich the classroom and co-curricular experience for all through the addition of more local girls who will thrive at SBS.
  • Join the ranks of independent schools that are taking the lead in making independent school education more affordable.
  • Connect us more closely with the Pioneer Valley community.

Head of School Stephanie Luebbers adds, “The day student tuition reset is an exciting opportunity for more Pioneer Valley families to experience our inclusive community and rich program. We take great pride in our mission to help girls develop confident, independent voices, and the skills to flourish in a changing world. Our success is evident, not just in the strong, creative, and vibrant women who call SBS their alma mater, but in the palpable spirit of inclusion, support, and sisterhood that one can feel in any classroom, at House Meeting, or in the Dining Hall.”

To learn more, or to see the 2020-2021 tuition rates, visit TUITION & AFFORDABILITY.

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