Student Council (StuCo) acts as a voice for the student body within our community. As the governing student body, StuCo members are involved in putting forth proposals to improve student life. They work with both students and teachers to ensure the best possible and most meaningful experience for all students. Each class elects a president and vice-president to serve as representatives of their class and are members of StuCo.

StuCo officers for the 2016-17 school year:
StuCo President: Yena (Molly) Li ’17
StuCo Vice President: Miles DeClue ’18
Senior Class President: Star Stryker-Erbuk ’17
Senior Class Vice President: Theresa Oduol ’17
Junior Class President: Frannie Joseph ’18
Junior Class Vice President: Huhua (Nana) Liu ’18
Sophomore Class President: Jax Morgan ’19
Sophomore Class Vice President: Jada Nimer ’19
Ninth Grade Class President: Nora Broady ’20
Ninth Grade Class Vice President: Nayun (Jane) Kim ’20

The middle school student government, called Middle School Office Caring for All (MOCA), held their elections for Student Council representatives last week. They are also members of StuCo and will serve through the end of December.

Middle School representatives:
Seventh Grade Class Representative: Julia Shulman ’22
Eighth Grade Class Representative: Olly Ajao ’21