Download “Supporting middle school students in their independent learning”

Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School

A Middle School girl’s brain is developing more actively than it will at any other time in life following toddlerhood. During these important years, adolescents develop a sense of themselves and who they are in relation to their world. Our progressive Middle School program harnesses this understanding with a student-centered curriculum that prioritizes each student’s individual needs. The program consists of integrated Humanities and Math/Science classes with subject units that take the students and teacher alike on a journey of discovery through each class’s unique interests and passions. Arts, languages, athletics, community service, advisory, leadership, and student government are woven into the curriculum, allowing students to cultivate an understanding of the ways knowledge connects among disciplines.


A girl’s day typically includes integrated instruction (Humanities, Math/Science) in the morning and more discipline-specific classes in the afternoon (Language, Arts). Classes meet four times each week. The class day ends at 3:30 p.m., and daily athletics and community service (one afternoon once every two weeks) span two hours in the afternoon. A student will study one to two hours during the day and/or evening in order to complete her homework for the next day.

While most programs are exclusive to middle school students, others include students from both the upper and middle schools.

Dedicated middle school programs include:

MOCA (middle school student government)
Visual Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music
Community Service
Study Hall

Stoneleigh-Burnham faculty carefully direct programs that blend middle and upper school students to ensure that expectations and relationships are always age-appropriate.

Blended programs include:

Language Study (Chinese, Spanish & French)
Big Band
Housemeeting and other all-school events (e.g. Convocation, Mountain Day, Day of Awareness/Winter Thaw, Spearth Day).