SBS held its 2015 Winter Sports Awards ceremony on March 2 to recognize our athletes for their skill, dedication, good sportsmanship, and hard work throughout the winter sports season.

Varsity basketball recognized Katlyn Grover as Most Valuable Player, noting her consistent contribution to the success of the team. Deja Gilliam received Most Improved Player due to the clear progression of her play over the course of the season. Megan Gardner received the Coaches’ Award for her sportsmanship. Junior varsity basketball recognized Gabrielle Rooks as Most Valuable Player. Siobhan Moore received the Most Improved Player award. Ashorkor Ashittey received the Sportsmanship Award.

SBS dancers recognize a dancer in Advanced Dance based on her improvement, commitment, helpful nature, skills, and role modeling. This past trimester they chose to recognize two dancers. Sophie Hathaway was recognized as Advanced Dancer of the Trimester. Erin LeBlanc was awarded the Coaches’ Award.

In figure skating, Ghazaleh Aghazadeh received the Most Valuable Skater award. The team’s Most Improved Skater was Clara Richardson-Omamo.

Jordan Alber received the Skier of the Year award for Alpine Skiing.

The Fitness Motivation and Spirit Award was given to McKim Jean-Pierre, which acknowledges her for her effort and attitude.

The Heroine of the Winter Production Award was given to Nolka Bates for her exceptional work in Stoneleigh-Burnham’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Congratulations to all 2015 Winter Sports Awards recipients!