Coach Marilyn with Captain Kaleigh and Francesca

IEA Team Coach Marilyn Bennett with Captains Kaleigh ’16 and Francesca ’16

The Upper School IEA team earned first place for a second year in a row in the Zone 1, Regions 5 & 12 semifinal competition held on Saturday, February 28th at the SBS Equestrian Center. In the final class, SBS was tied 30-30 with the Wachusett Equestrian Team, when Mily Ayala Rosas took first place to boost our team’s final score to 37 over Wachusett’s final 35. With this champion placing, the SBS IEA team moves on to the Zone 1 Finals on March 28th at the Mount Holyoke Equestrian Center. Congratulations to the entire team and individual qualifiers and best of luck as they move forward in the competition!

The full results are as follows:

Upper School Team: Champions

Team Class Results:
Open Fences: Francesca Eremeeva ’15, 1st
Open Flat: Francesca Eremeeva ’15, 5th
Intermediate Fences: Kaleigh Intrator ’15, 1st
Intermediate Flat: Julia Thayer ’18, 4th
Novice Fences: Colby Maynard, 3rd
Novice Flat: Colby Maynard, 1st
Beginner Walk, Trot, Cantor: Mily Ayala Rosas ’18, 1st

Individual Class Results:
Open Fences: Francesca Eremeeva ’15, 1st (advances to Zone 1 Finals), Ellie Waugh ’17, 5th
Open Flat: Grace Powers ’15, 4th, Francesca Ermeeva ’15 5th, Heather DiGregorio ’15, 7th

Intermediate Fences: Kaleigh Intrator ’15, 4th
Intermediate Flat: Julia Thayer ’18, 4th, Kaleigh Intrator ’15, 6th

Novice Flat: Colby Maynard, 3rd (advances to Zone 1 Finals), Maren Vogel ’17, 6th

Beginner Walk, Trot, Cantor: Mily Ayala Rosas ’18, 2nd (advances to Zone 1 Finals), Valeria Serrano ’18, 5th

Future Intermediate Fences: Dizarre Lopez, 4th
Future Intermediate Flat: Dizarre Lopez, 8th