What Sets Us Apart

SBS MORE’s 10 Key Features

  1. Our faculty have completed an intensive training program through One Schoolhouse, a leader in online education.
  2. We moved to a new learning management systemCanvas, widely used at high schools and universities and accessible around the world.
  3. We have evaluated and designed our courses through the lens of distance learning to better serve our students’ interests, abilities, and circumstances.
  4. We have developed formal co-curricular programs and class meetings, including remote social events and wellness/physical activity programming.
  5. We have continued our strong college counseling and academic support services.
  6. Our distance learning curriculum will include intentional social-emotional learning support and community connecting times.
  7. Teachers have engaged in professional development work to build their courses with culturally-responsive & trauma-aware teaching practices.
  8. Our small class sizes ensure that all students are seen and heard and that everyone is ready and prepared to learn.
  9. We fully support students in a variety of time zones.
  10. Our remote experience honors our mission.

We look forward to the day when we can all be together on campus, yet we feel confident that these steps will change the way our students learn for the better. To learn more about our robust distance learning program, please email admissions@sbschool.org.