Student Work

Our faculty have been adjusting their curriculum to account for the various changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have the opportunity to voice their thoughts, concerns, and reactions regarding the pandemic, and are encouraged to be reflective and introspective in their academic work. Here are just a few examples of student work that showcase the impact on their academic and personal lives.

U.S. History: 10th & 11th Grades

The assignment: Recording Our Times
According to History teacher Karen Pleasant, her class had three main objectives: 1) for students to recognize that we’re living in historic times, 2) to think like an historian, and 3) to make connections to other related historic moments, such as the 1918 flu epidemic.

The medium: Up to the student
They could record their findings in a Google Doc, spiral notebook, journal, or via a series of annotated photographs or images, video/vlogs, or blog posts.

The end result: Excellent work
Said Karen Pleasant, “With the freedom to be able to express what they wanted in the form that made the most sense to them, the students produced outstanding projects. They all did an unbelievable job.”

Middle School Art: making art in reaction to an emotional state

by Sina ’25
by Daphne ’25

International Baccalaureate Art: artwork in response to the present situation

by Ambah ’21
Middle School Civic Engagement Project: COVID-19’s Impact on the Environment