Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrated Team Night on Thursday, May 17, 2018 to recognize student athletes and mark the end of the athletics season.

Softball coaches Alex Loud and Sam Torres present the Coaches’ Award to Olivia Young ’19.

Beginning/Intermediate Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Cassadie Scott
Effort and Enthusiasm: Rachel Cho

Advanced Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Sophia Phillips

Varsity Lacrosse
Most Valuable Player: Grace Grover
Most Improved Player: Mia Mullings
Coaches’ Award: Nadya Baum

Varsity Softball
Most Valuable Player: Elizabeth LaValley
Most Improved Player: Jackie Kennick
Coaches’ Award: Olivia Young

Varsity Tennis
Most Improved Player: Amelie Kley
Team Award: Edith Wang
Most Valuable Player: Charlotte Kim

Junior Varsity Tennis
Most Improved Award: Sylvie Yu
Team Award: Carol Fu
Most Valuable Player: Natalia Sherman
Coaches award: To’Londa Torres

Upper School IEA
Most Improved Rider: Katie Kowalyshyn
Most Valuable Rider: Anni Richard

Middle School IEA
Most Improved Rider: Noelle Burke
Most Valuable Rider: Ruby Miller

Coach of the Year Award: Lisa Moore

Coach Lisa Moore