Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrated Team Night on Thursday, May 19, 2016 to celebrate student athletes and mark the end of the spring athletics season. The following awards were presented:

Varsity Lacrosse 2016
Most Valuable Player: Sophie Spring ’16
Most Improved Player: Julia Thayer ’18
Most Improved Player: Grace Grover ’18
Coach’s Award: Megan Gardner ’16

Varsity Softball 2016
Most Valuable Player: Katlyn Grover ’16
Most Improved Player: Charlotte Doulette ’21
Sportsmanship Award: Elizabeth LaValley ’18

Varsity Tennis 2016
Most Valuable Player: Mckim Jean-Pierre ’16
Most Improved Player: Juel Holland ’19
Sportsmanship Award: Molly Li ’16

Advanced Dance 2016
Most Valuable Dancer: Erin LeBlanc ’19
Most Improved Dancer: Ellie Flynn ’20

Beginner/Intermediate Dance 2016
Dance Award for Vision Execution: Natalie DiMario ’16
Dance Award for Creativity: Harper Watson ’16
Dance Award for Mentorship: Joanna Zhang ’18
Dance Award for Inspiration: Ye Eun Kim ’18

Equestrian/Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Team 2016
IEA Most Valuable Upper School Rider: Linda Limeri ’16
IEA Most Improved Upper School Rider: Jax Morgan ’19
IEA Most Valuable Middle School Rider: Niamh Buckley ’20
IEA Most Improved Middle School Rider: Eileen Collins ’20
Team Night trophies May 2016