Summer English Language Intensive

For students entering grades 7-12

June 30 – August 3, 2019

Stoneleigh-Burnham’s English Language Intensive (ELI) is a five-week course of study aimed at helping non-native speakers improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

To prepare students for a successful start at US Boarding Schools, ELI offers much more than academic instruction. Daily American Culture classes and regional travel teach our students about US traditions and customs. Our careful orientation to dormitory life prepares our students for both their high school and college years. Students completing the ELI program leave confident, and more prepared to meaningfully integrate and make the most of their new school experiences.

Our all-girls community and caring teachers help our students acclimate quickly and take healthy risks in the classroom. As a result, ELI girls embrace challenges and leadership more readily.

Students preparing for 11th and 12th grades may return to the program for an emphasis on leadership development, preparing for standardized tests (such as the TOEFL), and advanced writing support especially relevant to advanced coursework and college admissions.

ELI is led by a team of Stoneleigh-Burnham’s humanities faculty and teaching interns. In addition to classroom instruction, our faculty lead recreational activities, supervise travel, and oversee the residence halls. All staff are chosen for their experience teaching international students, their teaching ability, and their commitment to girls education in an international community.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School’s EL program has a long history of helping students meet their goals of finding success in US boarding schools, and eventually gaining admission to selective universities.

ELI Program Features

  • Competitive admission and limited enrollment at each skill level
  • Diagnostic testing and placement in appropriate skill levels
  • Small class sizes, offering individual attention
  • Demonstrated success improving students’ English proficiency
  • Personalized progress reports, including teacher’s comments
  • Extra help sessions and supervised evening study hall
  • Trips to New England cultural centers, such as Boston, Cape Cod National Seashore, Tanglewood Music Festival, and prestigious U.S. colleges and universities
  • Afternoon recreational activities, from crafts to sports

A sample daily schedule includes:

7:30 am  Breakfast in the Dining Hall

8:30 am  English class

10:30 am Science class

12:00 pm Lunch in the Dining Hall

1:00 pm  American Culture class

2:30 pm  Extracurricular activities: Photography, Sports, Cooking, Literature

4:00 pm  Swimming and outdoor activities

5:30 pm  Dinner in the Dining Hall

6:30 pm  Residential activities (crafts, movies, music, trips off-campus, etc.)

7:30 pm  Study Hall

9:30 pm  Quiet time on the hall

10:30 pm Bedtime

Contact William Therrien, Director of Summer Programs, for more information.