Refer a new camper and receive 5% off your camp tuition for each friend referred (up to 10 friends and 50%)!

The fine print:

  • A referring camper receives a 5% discount for the first session only in which a referred (new) camper enrolls. In other words, a new camper who enrolls in multiple sessions will bring only one 5% discount to the referring camper.
  • A referring camper may refer up to 10 different campers and receive a 5% discount for each one, bringing the referring camper up to a 50% discount for her camp session. 50% discount is the maximum given for any one session.
  • A referring camper who is enrolled in multiple sessions may refer more than 10 campers and receive increments of 5% off of her subsequent session(s).
  • In order to receive a discount, the new camper’s registration MUST include the referring camper’s name.
  • The discount is applied when the new camper’s fee has been paid in full.
  • Each new camper may be referred by one referring camper only.