On Monday, May 20, Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrated Team Night, and spring teams came together to celebrate the end of the athletic season. Throughout the year, the athletics department has been celebrating a “healthy mind in a healthy body.” Athletics is about trying something new, experiencing failure and celebrating success, and being a member of something greater than an individual. Throughout the season, individuals and coaches set goals to define what success looks like for individuals and the team. The final couple of weekends of the spring saw the SBS Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) team qualify at various levels and win numerous awards, softball clicking on the final game of season leading to a victory over our school rival, personal records being set on the track team, lacrosse dramatically improving from last year, and the dancers performing “We’re All Bettys.” Congratulations to the success of each of the teams and individuals this season and throughout the school year. Go Owls!

Advanced Dance Most Improved Dancer Ainsley Bogel
Effort and Enthusiasm Beatrice Brynda
Effort and Enthusiasm Joy Lundberg
Beginner Dance Ensemble Award Jizziyah Skelly
Ensemble Award Juliet (Yue) Zhu
Ensemble Award Willa Beltrandi
Ensemble Award Avdeep Kaur
Softball Most Valuable Player Olivia Young
Most Improved Player Addie Broady
Coaches Award Jackie Kennick
Varsity Tennis Most Valuable Player MJ Campos
Most Improved Player Edith Wang
Team Award Charlotte Kim
JV Tennis Most Valuable Player Lucy Wu
Most Improved Player Helen Xie
Team Award Lucy Wang
Lacrosse Most Valuable Player Nikita Mangaru
Coaches Award Mia Snedeker
Team Award Chloe Hughes
Track Most Valuable Runner Sarah Amzil
Most Improved Eliza Bogel

The Equestrian Center awards are as follows:

Riding Coach’s Award: Josie Nicholas 

Upper School Most Improved: Ella Mackenzie, community rider

Upper School Most Valuable Rider: Jax Morgan

Middle School Most Improved: Veda Raskin

Middle School Most Valuable Rider: Jess Romano

British Horse Society (BHS) Stage 1 Certificates: Josie Nicholas, Julia Yuan, Julie Moser, Linda Yang, Clelia Hao, Mackenzie Genser-Watiker

Coach of the Year: Mina Payne, SBS Director of Riding