On Sept. 23, Stoneleigh-Burnham participated in the 21st Annual Source to Sea Clean-up of the Connecticut River. Fifteen SBS student volunteers, along with Sharon Weyers, Associate Director of Admissions, and Community Service Coordinator Karen Suchenski and her husband Josh Lane P ’16, joined more than 2,500 others in this huge clean-up effort of the river and its system of tributaries across four states of the region (from the Canadian border to the Connecticut mouth of the river).

SBS students spent the morning hauling 13 bags of trash from a feeder stream of the Green River, unearthing tires, wooden crates and construction materials, and many plastic bottles and food wrapper trash, adding their truck load to the hundreds of tons hauled during the day at more than 100 sites.

Andrew Fiske, executive director of the Connecticut River Conservancy, the organization that coordinates this large clean-up effort, thanked SBS students for their 6th consecutive year of enthusiastic service at the Green River. All 15 SBS students agreed with the motto on the t-shirts they wore at the clean-up: “Source to Sea is indeed ‘hard work, real fun, true impact,’” remarked Bri Rooks, student head of Service and Sustainability.

The SBS girls who participated in the Source to Sea cleanup represented 9th through 12th grades and included: Bri Rooks ’18, Jingyao (Sylvia) Yu ’19, Yongyi (Edith) Wang ’19, Ira Hysi ’20, Yuyan (Una) Wu ’21, Annamaria Robles ’19, Jax Morgan ’19, Yike (Dina) Dong ’21, Yuemeng (Monica) Wu ’21, Siri Sundaraneedi ’18, Teresa  Dowd-Hurlburt ’21, Kayun (Charlotte) Kim ’19, Avdeep Kaur ’21, Yue (Juliet) Zhu ’21, and Lingquan (Crystal) Cheng ’20.