Terry Marashlian, left, with Greg Snedeker and their solar and kinetic art installation.

The Oval in front of Stoneleigh-Burnham School has become the temporary home to an art installation that uses solar energy to make music. A kinetic piece of art, the metal sphere-like object harnesses solar energy using small solar panels to move pieces of the sculpture that act as chimes to create a musical sound. The piece is designed to play Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

The art installation’s arrival on campus is the result of a collaboration between SBS music teacher Greg Snedeker and Northfield, Mass., artist Terry Marashlian. Greg and Terry brought the piece to SBS in late October and discussed it with the school community at a recent Housemeeting as an example of STEAM, and a reminder that “A” in STEAM stands for “Arts.”

Terry conceived of the piece initially as part of a contest for outdoor art near the old railroad bridge in Northampton. He sought out help from Greg, who is not only a music teacher, but also a musician in his own right with a PhD in music theory.


Northfield artist Terry Marashlian shows students how his art installation works.