Middle School Science 7

Science 7 is a skills-based science course that introduces students to the fundamentals of Chemistry and Life Science. First we explore matter, the “stuff” that makes up everything we interact with but is composed of particles too small to see directly. Through hands-on investigations that familiarizes students with matter at both the atomic and particle level, we explore its properties, investigate its physical and chemical changes, and develop and use models to describe its composition and behavior. While exploring Life Science topics related to cells, organelles, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration and more, students develop an understanding of how structure and function contribute to the survival of organisms. In addition to engaging in activities that allow them to explore the fundamentals of life, students also build inquiry and laboratory skills, developing their ability to think scientifically and harnessing their intellectual curiosity so that they have the skills they need to ask questions and find answers about the world they live in.

Science 7 Instructors: Ally Bryant and Meghan Lena