Participating in Stoneleigh-Burnham traditions brings the whole school community together. Traditions, such as Convocation, give students a chance to celebrate their achievements at school. Other traditions, like “Spearth” Day, focus on the girls’ ability to contribute to a larger community. Still others, such as Mountain Day, Haunted House, Secret Snowflake, and Holiday Decorating, provide a fun way for girls to celebrate relationships with their peers and the values they share.

Mountain Day

Mountain Day is a particularly special tradition at SBS. It is a surprise day off from classes, usually in September or October, when Big Sisters get to wake up their Little Sisters with the news and then take them out for breakfast. After breakfast, everyone boards buses and drives to a local mountain for a hike and lunch, followed by Housemeeting at the top.

Spearth Day

“Spearth” Day combines a celebration of spring and some service work in honor of Earth Day. Girls spend the morning working at local service sites or on-campus to plant flowers and clean up after winter. In the afternoon, clubs and affinity groups create food stations, games, and activities like tie-dying, in a sort of all-school carnival. The day ends with a student-run talent show where girls dance, sing, act, and perform.

100 Nights

100 Nights is a long-standing Stoneleigh-Burnham tradition that marks the seniors’ last 100 days of school before they graduate and officially become alumnae, or “Owls for Life,” as we like to say. Seniors are treated to a special formal dinner with their class dean, the Head of School, and a member of the Alumnae Board. In a ceremony following dinner, they are officially presented as a class to the whole school community. Following comments from the Alumnae Board, seniors declare individual and class goals for their final 100 days of school. The evening ends with a dessert reception where seniors celebrate with teachers, friends, and family. This ceremony begins their journey which culminates with commencement and becoming an alumna.

Big/Little Sisters

Leaving home for the first time is both exciting and scary. Having a caring “Big Sister” can make such a difference in how well students are able to handle the challenges of the first year at Stoneleigh-Burnham. A Big Sister is there to support her “Little Sister” and help her have the confidence to take risks. And, being a Big Sister is such a rewarding experience. Older girls truly care about their Little Sisters and enjoy celebrating their accomplishments. Big Sisters truly help their Little Sisters be bold as they each find their own voice and their own path.