Stoneleigh-Burnham provides information technology resources to facilitate and enrich our community’s educational, workplace, and residential experience. Students have access to three computer labs, as well as many additional computers situated throughout the school. All academic computers are networked, allowing access to printers and the school’s email/messaging system. Our in-school network is available for academic purposes during all class and study hall hours.

Students who wish to bring their own computers to Stoneleigh-Burnham are encouraged to do so. All students who intend to use the student wireless system must register their computers with the Technology Department and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

The Technology Department makes an effort to assist students with personal computer issues and, as necessary, help to arrange for outside service and repairs. The school will provide virus protection for all student-owned computers.

Green Labs

Stoneleigh-Burnham has three Green Labs, which are PC labs using NComputers. NComputing is an energy and resource-efficient PC hosting system that SBS has been working with since 2010. With the NComputing units, one PC can host five stations, effectively offering six computers for the energy and price of one. Our three Green Labs have two to three host PCs and 12 to 18 stations in each lab.