Stoneleigh-Burnham provides information technology resources to facilitate and enrich our community’s educational, residential, and extra-curricular experience. The iPad is Stoneleigh-Burnham’s device in common for all students (grades 7 – 12 & PG) and faculty. The iPad is the only device students are required to have, which the family is required to provide. Any recent model iPad is sufficient. For older models please contact the Technology Department to verify viability. 

To ​ensure equitable access to all resources, the SBS Technology Department will loan an SBS Chromebook to any student who does not have access to an iPad or other device (such as a laptop computer or desktop computer). If your student would benefit from a loaner SBS Chromebook, please contact the Technology Department.

There are iMac labs on-campus with the full Adobe Creative Suite available for students to create and edit a variety of media as well as 3D printers and a laser cutter to bring digital creations into the physical world. Students receive introductory instruction to these resources in their Grade 9 course, Global Technology, and can arrange for further instruction from the Technology Department if they have specific projects in mind.