Student Health & Support Systems

Health and wellness is a priority at Stoneleigh-Burnham. In addition to healthy options in the dining hall and plenty of opportunities for athletics and exercise, good quality health care is available whenever girls need it.

Health Center

We are a caring community that encourages girls to understand their healthcare needs and advocate for themselves. Jenny Potee, BSN, RN directs Stoneleigh-Burnham’s on-campus Health Center, which is open Monday through Friday 7:45am-7:00pm.  In addition to Jenny, Ellen Shaw, BSN, RN, Carla Simpson, RN and Mikaela Whitaker, RN provide care to our students. A nurse is always on-call during the hours the center is closed.

Students needing emergency care receive treatment at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, just 2 miles from campus.

Counseling Center

Additional guidance and support is available to students through Stoneleigh-Burnham’s counseling center, directed by Ellen Carter, MSW. Ellen is approachable and supportive and always happy to meet with students one-on-one. In addition, Ellen meets with groups of students and offers a range of workshops including: meditation and stress reduction, conflict resolution, healthy relationships and community building. Should a student wish to meet with a therapist off campus, Ellen is available to help facilitate making a referral.

Academic Support

If a student has a mild to moderate learning disability or an academic weakness, she may benefit from targeted instruction in specific academic skills or strategies. The Academic Center, directed by Apple Gifford, is designed to support students in developing the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in an unmodified college-preparatory curriculum. Click here to learn more about the Academic Center.

SOS-Support Our Students

Stoneleigh-Burnham School recognizes that students with challenging personal issues may not always seek counseling for a variety of reasons. SOS exists to provide a non-disciplinary procedure through which students can get help for themselves or encourage their peers to do so.

SOS functions as a clearing-house for concerns raised by students and faculty alike about students going through personal challenges. Members of the community who need help, want a patient and non-judgmental listener or are worried about the behavior of another student, are encouraged to contact a member of the SOS Group.

SOS consists of faculty, staff, and administrators who have volunteered. Every year, students are provided with the list of adults in SOS, and every adult in the group places an SOS sticker on their classroom or office door.

Students can talk with a member of the SOS group and they will work in collaboration with the school counselor and/or the Director of the Health Center on finding options for support.

Questions? Check out the Community Handbook, ask an SOS team member, or schedule an appointment with Ellen Carter, Director of Counseling.