Student Government 

As the governing student body, Student Council (known on campus as StuCo) members are involved in putting forth proposals to improve student life. StuCo works closely with the administration to ensure the best possible and most meaningful experience for all students.

In middle school, the student government is called MOCA, or Middle School Office Caring for All. MOCA, which includes all members of the middle school, elects representatives from both seventh and eighth grades to Student Council. These representatives run meetings and report on StuCo business, seek student input on specific questions to bring back to StuCo, and receive additional input as offered, thus valuing and integrating all voices. Middle school students also have a voice through MOCA in planning middle school events, including the traditional Founders’ Day, and in managing a portion of the middle school budget.

In upper school, all ninth grade girls participate in Student Council (StuCo) until elections at the end of fall trimester. Tenth and eleventh grade representatives are elected early in the trimester. The President and Vice-President are elected by the entire student body in the spring for the following fall.