The Honor Code

The Honor Code is an important part of life at Stoneleigh-Burnham. Our mission is to “inspire girls to lead meaningful lives based on honor, respect and intellectual curiosity.” We take this challenge seriously and expect all our students to work with us toward this goal. Because we take pride in our work and achievements, we do our best in academic and extracurricular activities.

Stoneleigh-Burnham is like a home away from home, so students are expected to treat this space and everything and everyone in it with care and respect. Every member of our school community has a responsibility to remember that every decision they make affects those around them. If we live honorably and respect each other as human beings, we can learn so much from one another.

At the beginning of each year, we hold a convocation ceremony to open the school year. At Convocation, every member of the community – even teachers and staff – sign the Honor Code. The signed document is framed and hung in the Capen Room to serve as a reminder to all of us to uphold the values we’ve established as a community.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Honor Code

I sign the SBS Honor Code knowing that I must conduct myself honorably and in a way that shows pride in myself, my family, my school and my community. I know that the principles of the Honor Code extend beyond the physical bounds of the campus. As a person of honor, I will show: 

  1. Respect for Myself in everything I do. I understand that my academic work, my conduct with others, my attitude toward property, my personal honor and the honor of my school community are my personal responsibility. 
  2. Respect for Others in all my words, expressions and actions. I will be kind and polite to teachers, staff and students and will refrain from hurtful remarks about appearance, race, religion, family, intelligence and sexuality. I will respect individual privacy. 
  3. Respect for Academic Honesty in all my scholastic efforts. I will not cheat, represent the work of others as my own or allow others to copy my work or plagiarize. I will focus my best efforts to strive for academic achievement. 
  4. Respect for Property at all times. I will not steal, deface, destroy or litter. I will, at all times, treat my school as I would my home and the property of others as private. I will take pride in my campus and go out of my way to maintain its quality and appearance. 

I understand that if I observe violations of this Honor Code and do not act, or even passively participate in a violation, I have contradicted the code and dishonored myself, my school, my fellow students and my family.