Mousetrap news imageThe Stoneleigh-Burnham School Theater Department will present The Mousetrap, a murder mystery by Agatha Christie, February 19-21 in Emerson Hall. Performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, February 19 and Saturday, February 20, and at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 21. The play is a free community event and open to the public.

In The Mousetrap, a woman has been viciously murdered in her home in the Paddington District of London. Scotland Yard detectives investigating the scene of the crime find a notebook with the address of a remote English manor house that Giles and Mollie Ralston have just opened as a guest house. Everything points to this being the scene where the murderer will strike again.

The guests arrive at Monkswell Manor during a blinding snowstorm and soon, all access to the house is cut off by high drifts and a downed telephone line.  We hear the haunting tune of the old nursery rhyme, “Three Blind Mice,” the lights go out, and . . .

Who is the murderer?

The cast has been sworn to secrecy! You will have to wait until February 19 to find out!

In the meantime, here are the suspects:
Giles Ralston – Romy Arsenault ’17
Mollie Ralston – Sydney Wallace ’19
Christopher Wren – Phoebe Karkos ’17
Mrs. Boyle – Isabela Cusano ’19
Major Metcalf – Sunrise Mager ’20
Miss Casewell – Nolka Bates ’16
Mr. Paravicini – Maia Castro-Santos ’20
Sergeant Trotter – Natalie DiMario ’16
Cast understudy – Lily Roberts ’21

Production staff:
Stage Manager – Harper Watson ’16
Assistant Stage Manager – Bella Trimbach-Rios ’20
Assistant Director – Natalie DeMario ’16

Backstage crew:
Miles DeClue ’18
Nana Liu ’18
Julia Thayer ’18
Sherry Chen ’19