Aspire for ILSeven Stoneleigh-Burnham School students have been accepted into the ASPIRE program in the Polymer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The program gives high school students experience doing hands-on experiments in the University’s laboratories, including molecular modeling, 3D printing, mechanical testing, and an independent project.

Stoneleigh-Burnham students accepted into the ASPIRE program are:

Nana Liu ’18
Carol Huang ’18
Grace Grover ’18
Lillian Ying ’18
Joanna Zhang 18
Coco Zhao ’17
Clara Richardson-Omamo ’18

ASPIRE is for students in grades 10-12 interested in science, technology, and engineering. UMass graduate students will guide high school students in the program through the experience of research in a science and engineering lab. ASPIRE participants will:

  • Get hands-on experience in a science and engineering lab
  • Do experiments in polymer chemistry, physics, and engineering
  • Learn about electron microscopes and 3D printers
  • Plan and run their own one-day independent project

ASPIRE is aimed to engage high school students in a longer time commitment for introducing lab, and some classroom experience in polymer science. This unique program offers an opportunity to get a real-life experience to be in a research career. The program runs for five consecutive Saturday mornings starting January 9, 2016 through February 6.