StuCo wraps gifts for Adopt-A-FamilyBefore winter break, students in Stoneleigh-Burnham’s Student Council raised money and bought gifts for Adopt-a-Family, a program to help local families in need during the holidays.

StuCo hosted two fundraisers for this event: the annual candy gram deliveries, and a wildly successful bake auction. In the former, students pay for StuCo to deliver decorated candy canes to their friends and teachers. In the latter, students, faculty, and StuCo baked treats which were “auctioned off” to raise money during lunch.

“I like how enthusiastic people were, and how people gathered with that much energy to raise money for Adopt-a-Family,” said Sharvari Bhatt, Junior Co-President.

All in all, $1900.63 was raised for two local families. This money went to gift cards, groceries, and personalized gifts for each person. Student Council members shopped for the family members based on wish lists and preferences provided by the Adopt-a-Family organization.

“For me, Adopt-a-Family was really fun because we were able to help a family nearby,” says Mckim Jean-Pierre, Junior Class Co-President. “Shopping for their stuff helped me get passionate about the family receiving nice gifts and helped me bond with a group of people I don’t normally hang out with. Our passion for assisting this family also helped us build ties and get to know each other more.”

Wrapped and labeled, the presents were dropped off on December 18th, hopefully brightening the holidays for two local families.

– Charlotte Minsky, Class of 2016