By Andrea Tehan Carnes

Three Stoneleigh-Burnham varsity cross country athletes decided to extend the regular season by a week and a half in order to keep training for a race much different in length and feel than their usual 5K trail races. Typically, 5K trail races are fast and furious, and contain a lot of hills and running surfaces that are soft, rocky or full of roots. The Clarkdale 12K in Deerfield, MA was on roads, and as it was a longer distance, the pace was a bit slower. SBS runners trained on a lot of hills and did long runs each week during the cross country season in order to increase their endurance and stamina in a way that got them in awesome shape for the 5K, but also lent itself nicely to be able to be competitive and enjoy the 12K distance.

L to R: Rosa Newshore ’21, Carolin Jenkner ’20, Beatrice Brynda ’20, Karen Pleasent, and Andrea Tehan Carnes

Carolin Jenkner ’20 crossed the finish line in 1:01:59. Beatrice Brynda ’20 completed the distance in 1:04:26. Rosa Newshore ’21 finished in 1:16:57. Cross Country Coach Andrea Tehan Carnes failed to chase Rosa down, and finished with a time of 1:17:16, and SBS teacher Karen Pleasant was right behind her with a time of 1:18:31.

It was a a great day for everyone. All three students won age group awards and took home a jar of homemade jelly of their choice. Andrea, having spent most of her spare time coaching instead of running, took home a t-shirt, and Karen beat her most recent time on the course by more than eight and a half minutes. Both Andrea and fellow cross country coach Nick Roosa said they are especially proud of SBS student runners for training for and competing in a distance that seemed out of reach to even other cross country runners.