Four SBS riders competed in a Hunter show as individuals on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Northampton Fair Grounds. Students competed in different classes either in the Hunter discipline or the Equitation discipline.

Nina Kauderer ’20 got 2nd over fences and 6th on the flat, as well as 6th in prep. Anni Richard ’20 got 2nd and two 4ths over fences, as well as 3rd in prep. Ruby Miller ’23 got three 1sts in the over fences, 2nd in medals, and a 6th on the flat. Khaki Warford ’18 got 3rd and 6th over fences, and a 2nd in medals.

Rider Khaki Warford ’18 said of the show, “It was just for fun for those of us who had been working with these horses for a year or two to get ready and really have a great show. One of the divisions had up to 87 people in it. That we all placed¬† is incredible because there are only six placings.”