Stoneleigh-Burnham School hosted an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Show on Saturday, Oct. 28. Here are the results:

Khaki Warford ’18 – 5th fences 6th flat
Clem Silvain ’19 – 2nd flat, 6th flat
Anni Richard ’20 – 3rd fences, 6th flat
Gwen Healy ’19 – 5th over fences
Danielle Gore ’20 – 3rd over fences
Sonia Talwar ’21 – 5th flat
Jaelynn Stetson (community rider) – 4th fences, 4th flat

Kate Kowalyshyn ’20 – 4th over fences, 4th on the flat
Cynthia Wang ’19 – 1st over fences, 1st on the flat
Isabela Cusano ’19 – 5th over fences, 1st on the flat
Ella Mackenzie (community rider) – 5th over fences and 6th flat
Payton Lawrence (community rider) – 3rd over fences and 1st flat

Windsor Leonard ’19 – 6th Walk Trot Canter

Ruby Miller ’23 – 2nd flat, 2nd over fences
Noelle Burke ’22 – 4th in future novice fences

The IEA team expressed its thanks to everyone who helped with the show. Learn more about IEA here.