SBS Equestrian Center Receives Prestigious BHS Approval

/SBS Equestrian Center Receives Prestigious BHS Approval
SBS Equestrian Center Receives Prestigious British Horse Society Approval

SBS Equestrian Center Receives Prestigious British Horse Society Approval

The Equestrian Center at Stoneleigh-Burnham School has been certified as a British Horse Society-approved Livery Yard, Riding School and Facility, making it the first and only secondary school equestrian facility in the United States to achieve this prestigious status.

This recognition comes on the heels of Stoneleigh-Burnham School this fall becoming the first and only U.S. secondary school to teach the world-renowned British Horse Society (BHS) certification program for riders. Long recognized internationally for setting the highest standards for riding instruction, stable management, and horse training, the system set forth by the BHS complements Stoneleigh-Burnham’s dedication to providing students who aspire to careers in horsemanship with a firm academic footing at the high school level. Stoneleigh-Burnham School students who enroll in the BHS program will study under Equestrian Center Director George Halkett.

Unlike existing certification programs in the United States, the prestigious BHS certification is recognized in 32 countries worldwide. Graduates of the program are prepared to take their BHS international examinations to earn an international trainer’s passport, allowing them to begin equestrian careers in management roles across the globe. For particularly dedicated students, it will be possible to graduate with their high school diploma from Stoneleigh-Burnham and a full, certified international trainer’s passport through the BHS. To learn more about this program, contact George Halkett at or 413-774-2711.

The recent designation as a BHS-approved equestrian facility shows that Stoneleigh-Burnham’s Equestrian Center has been assessed against detailed criteria and recognized as being well-managed, offering first-rate care and high levels of horse husbandry, and showing general good practice throughout. In addition, it means that equestrian center staff have met the BHS high standards for training, qualification, and safety.

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