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Bonding Trips 2018
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Student Work: Stop Motion Video

Recently, students in Meghan Lena's HL Bio class created stop motion videos. This one, from Bee and Siena, is on Membrane Transport. Enjoy! more →

Intersections: Just, Vote

“I kind of like being fooled about some things.” Tally, the protagonist in Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, utters this line to close out a chapter section, where we ended today’s Morning Reading in Humanities 7. The kids reacted immediately... more →

Intersections: A practice of invitation and grace

title taken from the closing keynote of the 2018 AISNE Diversity Conference, given by Darnell Moore. I had an excellent day at the 2018 AISNE Diversity Conference. I attended: Opening Keynote: “Understanding & Dismantling Privilege: T... more →

Intersections: Don't Stop Now

Blog title from a song by Nina Kauderer ‘20 Joan Armatrading and her Stratocaster. Bonnie Raitt and her Stratocaster. Avril Lavigne and her Telecaster. Chrissie Hynde and her Telecaster. Tal Wilkenfeld and her Precision Bass. Aimee Man... more →