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The World We Live In

  by Gabrielle (Bri) Rooks '18 Sometimes, I find myself thinking about all the things I would change in our world. For example, ending world hunger or helping to reduce poverty rates. The list seems endless. I can think about these to... more →

Intersections: What is good pedagogy?

This question was posed by José Vilson during a presentation at SXSW Education on How Educators Lead With Equity in Mind. Every day, when I walk into my classroom, I’m thinking “Who are these kids, what do they need in general, and wha... more →

Intersections: Taking Inclusion for a Test Drive

When Frances McDormand ended her epic Oscars thank you speech with the two words, “Inclusion rider,” I’ll admit I was one of millions of viewers who wasn’t sure what exactly she meant. It had the feel of “freedom riders,” and if so, I l... more →

Intersections: Emerging

“I am not a pretty girl. That is not what I… do.” - ani difranco It’s 10 days after Parkland and, while some of the initial rawness has subsided, I know many teachers who are still having difficulty sleeping, having nightmares when the... more →