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Behind the Scenes at Reunion 2018
Summer Fun
End-of-Year Dance Performance 2018


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Intersections: “Ten Questions Parents Should Ask Before School Starts”

Forbes recently published an article by Frederick Hess entitled “Ten questions parents should ask before school starts.” Normally skeptical of articles that list whatever number of things people “should” do, I began to fall in love with... more →

Intersections: Book Review of "Enough As She Is"

(with thanks to Middleweb for originally publishing this review) I pre-ordered Rachel Simmons’s newest book, more →

Intersections: #SavingLivesChat

“We try. We will always try. And also? We all matter- all of our voices rising for school safety, better resources for schools and teacher and students, etc. will help .....” - Nelba Márquez-Greene, tweet dated July 2, 2018. Nelba Márq... more →

Intersections: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

I was the first to show up at today’s blood drive in my home town of Shelburne Falls. I sat patiently by the intake table checking my Twitter and Facebook feeds (and those of the school) on my phone as they finished getting everything r... more →