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What You Hold Dear

A speech delivered at the Fall 2017 Honor Roll Assembly, at the invitation of Student Council, by Jacob Steward, English Department Chair. Good morning, everyone. Thank you to STUCO for inviting me to share some of my thoughts on hono... more →

Intersections: Still Here

I know we in the U.S. pride ourselves on our small town pride, but I still feel my town is extra special. When I tell people I live in Shelburne Falls, if they’re heard of it (and that’s more common than one might expect for a village o... more →

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Fall 2017 Conference

I remember the air of celebration surrounding the first GLSEN Massachusetts student-educator conference I ever attended, some years ago now. I got the sense that here was a place where LGBTQ+ kids could - however temporarily - feel safe... more →

As I began to ponder...

(reflective poem written by Zinnia Hull '23 following an activity in Humanities 7 examining intersecting aspects of identity in different situations) more →