Photographer John Nordell P’17 captured some classroom scenes during a springtime visit to campus that showcase the hands-on, interactive teaching and learning that is a hallmark of a Stoneleigh-Burnham education. Nordell photographed one of Andrea Tehan Carnes middle school science classes in which students constructed and tested bottle rockets.

He shared some the images on his blog, “Create Look Enjoy,” as examples of how Stoneleigh-Burnham’s classes are visually rich, include active learning and peer-to-peer teaching, offer appropriate challenges and in-the-moment, formative assessment, and enhance student focus and enjoyment of learning.

“I realized that elements of best teaching practices created a classroom environment favorable for me to capture lively and engaging images,” Nordell said.

See the photographs and read Nordell’s blog post, “Visual Assessment of Teachers: How Best Teaching Practices Make This Photographer’s Job Easier!,” by clicking here.

Middle School teacher Andrea Tehan Carnes demonstrates how to calculate the altitude of their bottle rockets' flights.

This photography by John Nordell shows teacher Andrea Tehan Carnes showing students how to calculate the altitude of the flights of their bottle rockets.