Transportation Services 

We understand the difficulties parents encounter making travel arrangements that coincide with our School calendar and especially the necessity to purchase airline tickets well in advance. To assist with that task, we provide parents with a list of travel dates that specifies departure and arrival times for each break period. The School does not purchase airline tickets or arrange transportation for break periods. Unless excused by the Dean of Students, students traveling outside the requested travel dates will receive unexcused absences for commitments missed.

It is important to take into account the times that dorms open and close and the distance from the airport, as the School is not able to accommodate students arriving or departing when the dormitories are closed. Please plan accordingly when scheduling departures and returns to School. The School will not accommodate students who make travel plans that conflict with mandatory school commitments.

Before and after vacation/break, the Dean of Students’ office will offer transportation for students on a first come, first served basis to:

  • The Greenfield, MA bus station – 10 minute trip

  • The Greenfield, MA train station – 10 minute trip

  • The Amherst, MA bus station – 20 minute trip

For transportation to New England airports, please refer to the services listed below:


Green River Transportation
413-883-6352 or 413-627-3289

Seemo Shuttle

Thomas Transportation

Valley Transporter

Opportunities for school-sponsored trips will be posted here when available.