Smart Account

It is an important part of each student’s education to plan and work within a prescribed budget as determined by the student and her parents. With this in mind, the School requires each student to have a Smart Account, a multipurpose pre-paid debit account.

At the start of each year, the student and her parents fill out a Smart Account worksheet prescribing her weekly allowance as well as School Store and other spending limitations. Funds should be deposited at the start of each term to cover the student’s estimated expenses for that term, to be disbursed according to the restrictions determined on the worksheet.

Students may not overdraw their account; if sufficient funds are not available, they will not be permitted to make a withdrawal and should make sure they have enough money in the account to cover all needs. In order for any student to take advantage of athletic options and school trips that require an additional financial commitment, all account balances must be up-to-date.

Additional deposits into a student’s debit account, as well as changes to spending limits, can be made by the parents at any time throughout the school year. Please use the credit card deposit form below.

Credit Card Deposits for Smart Accounts

  • Please enter the name of the card holder for the credit card you enter below.
  • Please enter the email address to where you wish to receive confirmation of your deposit.
  • If we have any trouble processing your deposit, we will need a phone number to contact you.
  • Please enter the amount of money (USD) you wish to transfer from your credit card to the student's Smart Account.
  • Price: $ 0.00
    In addition to the total deposit you have indicated above, we must charge a 3% credit card processing fee.
  • $ 0.00
  • American Express