Packing List

Each boarding student is assigned a double room with a roommate. Boarding students should plan to bring the following items for their rooms. There will be an all school trip to Target in Hadley, MA before school starts so that students may purchase anything needed that they couldn’t bring with them.

  • sheets (standard-size twin)
  • blankets & bedspread (standard-size twin)
  • pillows
  • towels
  • laundry bag
  • shower caddy/basket & shower shoes
  • two wastebaskets: one for trash, one for recyclables
  • hangers
  • desk lamp and/or floor lamp (halogen lamps are not allowed)
  • power strip & extension cord
  • fan
  • mattress pad
  • bathrobe
  • laundry detergent


Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to feel like home as much as possible, although good judgment in room decorating should be used. The following items are not permitted in rooms and are subject to confiscation and disposal at the discretion of the School. Possession of any of these items will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

  • candles, matches/lighters, incense or strings of decorative lights
  • cigarettes, drugs or alcoholic paraphernalia
  • curtains or tapestries not treated with fire-retardant material
  • excessive amounts of clothing
  • high-intensity lamps (especially halogen)
  • popcorn poppers, toaster ovens, coffee or tea makers
  • television sets
  • refrigerators (except for RAs)
  • irons
  • valuable/irreplaceable items

Only tapestries which are properly stamped or certified fireproof are to be hung from the molding slots or strips and must fit flush against the wall. They may not obstruct any window or exit. Tacks, nails or tape are confined only to the molding strip or slot. Nothing should be hung from the ceiling, smoke detector or sprinkler head. Adhesive putty which will not damage the paint is available from the School Store.

Students are allowed to have hot pots as long as the heating element is not exposed and it has approved in advance by the Dean of Students.


Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, closet and dresser drawers. Furniture in student rooms is not to be removed without permission of the house parents. Mattresses are to remain on the bed frames. At the beginning of the year, house parents inspect and inventory School property in the rooms. At the end of the school year, the process is repeated to see that each student has maintained her room and its furnishings in the proper manner.

Each student must clean and vacuum her room at the end of the year before handing in her keys. The student is responsible for any damage to her room and will be assessed for cleaning, repair or replacement.