Celebrating Our Beloved Community in Honor of MLK

On Monday, January 20, SBS cancelled afternoon classes to honor the great leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Supported by SBS’s Equity and Inclusion Committee, students organized an exhibition focusing on The King Center‘s 2020 theme of “The Beloved Community: The Fierce Urgency of Now”. The hallway leading to Capen Room was transformed into different exhibit spaces, each one highlighting a different aspect of MLK’s influence on our culture. Students, faculty and staff were able to partake in discussions regarding international civic engagement, do interactive activities, view presentations on Black art & writing, watch YouTube videos of MLK sermons and speech excerpts, and listen to songs for civil rights. Guest speakers Keisha Green & Alisha Jean-Denis from the University of Massachusetts Amherst led a presentation called “Education is a Civil Right” followed by a group discussion.


Visual Artists – Contemporary

Civil rights poetry_songs