Stoneleigh-Burnham has launched a new leadership program to give students an expanded voice and greater opportunity to participate in school planning and operations.

The positions were open to current juniors/rising seniors for the 2016-17 school year.

Elections began in April and were held weekly through the end of the school year. Each student running for a position gave a short speech at Housemeeting prior to that week’s election.

Dean of Students Kristen Peterson announced the results of the elections at the last Housemeeting of the school year on May 17, 2016.

Head of Study Body: Molly Li
President of the student body and Head of StuCo
Head of the “8 Heads of School”

Head of Big Sisters/Little Sisters: Lina Dong
Makes big sister/little sister assignment for new students
Supervises and creates activities for big sisters and little sisters
Works with the 12th grade Dean

Head of Athletics: Kearsten Crocker
Spearheads school spirit for our athletic teams and contests
Helps organize and run pep rallies
Facilitates Athlete of the Week at Housemeeting
Works with the Director and Assistant Director of Athletics

Head of Community Alliance: Kaya Kim
Promotes and organizes activities that celebrate diversity at Stoneleigh-Burnham
Provides educational opportunities around topics of diversity
Helps create an all-school activity on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tied to topics of diversity
Works with the faculty advisor of SOC, GSA, International Program, and the Dean of Students

Head of Student Activities: Seonna Bristol
Runs the Student Activities Committee
Works with the Dean of Students to promote weekend activities (as recommended by the Student Activities Committee)
Works with the Dean of Students

Head of Service: Coco Zhao
Promotes community service and/or environmental stewardship opportunities to the student body
Is one of the student leaders for SPEARTH day
Works with the faculty advisor for Green Team and Community Service

Head of Curriculum: Anny Rui
Attends Curriculum Committee meetings
Is the student voice for academic ideas, concerns, or changes
Works with the Academic Dean

Head of Health and Wellness: Romy Arsenault
Promotes mental and physical health (eating, body images, cultural beauty imperatives, substance abuse, sleep, sexuality and healthy relationships)
Is the student voice for health and wellness concerns, trends, ideas, and changes
Works with the Director of the Health Center and the Director of Counseling