Construction Tour NewsHead of School Sally Mixsell reported on the progress of the renovation and construction of a new student center at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. The renovation and construction project includes a new student center, as well as a café, terrace, and foyer. Work on the project has been underway in earnest over the summer, with areas that had undergone demolition now starting to become recognizable new spaces.

“Everything is going well with the construction project,” Mixsell said recently.

Work to open up the outside walls to the new terrace is almost complete, and one of the windows is now in. The new corridor to the dining room has been created and the new wall structure is complete and ready to be filled in. The terrace will be a lovely outdoor space with a view of our impressive campus vista.

“You would not believe the amount of sunshine that streams into the room as a result of opening up these spaces,” Mixsell said. “It looks spectacular.”

Mixsell added that all the walls, floors and ceilings of the interior spaces have been demolished, and crews will soon begin the interior work.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School kicked off the renovation and construction with a small celebration and groundbreaking ceremony on May 20. This is the first new construction project at SBS in 15 years. Two years ago, SBS launched a $1.2 million Bridge Fund to address some of the small capital projects in the Campus Master Plan and build enthusiasm around our vision for the future. The new student center construction is part of Phase I of that initiative, with its completion planned for this fall.Construction Stairs News

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