Serinah ’20, Gina ’21 & Olly ’21 Receive NCWIT Awards

(Updated 2.25.20)

Three SBS science students received national recognition from The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

Serinah Ruiz ’20 and Gina Wisner ’21 are 2020 National Certificate of Distinction recipients of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing. Recipients of this award are recognized for pursuing computing, exploring computing related activities, or developing technical skills.

Serinah, new to SBS this year, is a PG from Westfield, Massachusetts. Prior to this year, Serinah had ever taken a class in computing but she has been working with SBS Network Administrator and Animation Teacher Jason Brown on an animation tutorial application. Jason commented, “Serinah picked up animation very quickly. I only had to show her the basic functions of the software and she’s been working at it pretty much every day since. She has a rich imagination and a strong drive to create, and I think this has pushed her to use the software so diligently.” Serinah has plans to go to college in Tennessee this fall and wants to be a professional animator someday.

Gina signed up for a programming course as part of Project Challenge, a program for high school students at Clarkson University. Interested in learning more about technology, she began an independent study in Intro to JavaScript under the guidance of Andrea during the fall of 2019. “I am extremely happy that I was selected to get a certificate, and am very thankful to Andrea and all the opportunities that I have been presented with here,” said Gina.

Last month, Olly Ajao ’21 received a 2020 Honorable Mention from The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). She was selected from a pool of 4,700 applicants and will receive a special cash prize.

Andrea Tehan Carnes commented, “Olly has worked incredibly hard inside and outside of class to pursue her education in computer science. Through her many experiences at SBS and beyond, she has learned that Computer Science is something that she wants to make an integral part of her professional career. I’m so proud of her accomplishments so far, and know that because she thinks big, she will continue to learn, grow, and break down barriers in her field.” Head of School Stephanie Luebbers added, “As Olly’s advisor, I’ve had the opportunity to see the remarkable growth in her commitment to her pursuits while at SBS. Her curiosity and initiative make her a leader in our community, and I look forward to seeing where this field takes her in the future.”