“In Search of More Student Voice & Agency,” an essay by Middle School Dean Bill Ivey, has been featured on MiddleWeb, a website that aims to support educators and others dedicated to the academic success of students in the middle grades.

In the essay, Ivey describes first how each spring his students reflect on their school year up to that point, as well as their lives in general, and think about what more they want to accomplish. These reflections take the form of portfolios that students present during spring Family Weekend. Ivey’s essay then shares his own reflections about teaching and learning, generally, and discusses specific ways he and students worked together to structure the Humanities 7 course he teaches to foster student voice, choice and agency.

The essay was originally published on Stoneleigh-Burnham’s blog, “A View from the Nest.”

Bill Ivey teaches Humanities 7, Social Media, and the Middle and Upper School Rock Bands. He is the advisor for MOCA, the middle school student government, and he coordinates and participates in the middle school service program.