International Baccalaureate Math (Higher Level) – Year One

The International Baccalaureate describes this as a two-year course that caters for students with a good background in mathematics who are competent in a range of analytical and technical skills. The majority of these students will be expecting to include mathematics as a major component of their university studies, either as a subject in its own right or within courses such as physics, engineering and technology. Others may take this subject because they have a strong interest in mathematics and enjoy meeting its challenges and engaging with its problems.

The first year of IB Math HL includes a review of all topics necessary to prepare for studying Caclulus as well as some additional mathematical topics which will be useful at the college level. The former category includes algebraic functions, exponents, logarithms, and trigonometry. The latter category includes vectors, sequences, probability, statistics, complex numbers and mathematical induction.

Prerequisite: Functions or Algebra 2 Honors

IB Math (HL) Instructor: Roger Turton