International Baccalaureate Spanish I (Higher Level & Standard Level)

IB Spanish is intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of another language and culture. While the main objective of the class is to provide the student with the ability to communicate effectively and confidently, the exploration of Spanish literature, art and history enhance the linguistic study. Written and oral activities are highly interactive, allowing students to study, analyze and draw conclusions. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge topics, and think creatively while comparing and contrasting ways of life in Spanish-speaking countries to ours.

This course increases students’ fluency and knowledge of Hispanic peoples through reading and discussion of literature and essays on contemporary and historical issues. An intensive review of grammar, as well as frequent compositions, allow students to improve their writing skills. Short stories and oral presentations broaden reading comprehension and speaking skills.

At the Higher Level students read more texts, complete longer and more complex assignments, and have more rigorous assessment standards.

Prerequisite: Spanish III

* International Baccalaureate courses are two years, taken during a student’s 11th and 12th grade years.

International Baccalaureate Spanish Instructor: Diana Fiori