Intramural Debate and Public Speaking Tournament
On Sunday, Jan. 13, the SBS Debate and Public Speaking Society hosted the first SBS intramural tournament. The event was open to SBS students of all grades and experience levels from first-time debaters to advanced speakers.

This tournament was a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project (part of the International Baccalaureate program) of debate society presidents Jax Morgan ’19 and Joy Lundberg ’20, who organized the event along with debate coaches Karen Suchenski and Jacob Steward. The tournament consisted of the categories of interpretive reading, impromptu speaking, and parliamentary extemporaneous debate. Also judging throughout the day were advanced debater Jackie Kennick ’19 and SBS alumna Charlotte Minsky ’16.

During the closing discussion, first-time debaters who participated commented on the comfortable environment of the tournament which made them feel more confident pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones. Advanced speakers said they appreciated having the practice and the extemporaneous nature of the interpretive reading round. Overall, the SBS intramural tournament was a wonderful learning opportunity for all, and the debate and public speaking society looks forward to hosting more of these events in the near future.

Here are the results from the tournament:

1st: Nikki Mangaru ’20
2nd: Nora Broady ’20
3rd: Katie Kowalyshyn ’20

Impromptu Speaking
1st: Claudia Narberhaus ’21
2nd: Kate Swasey ’21
3rd: NoraBroady ’20 and Katie Kowalyshyn ’20

Interpretive Reading
1st: Syd Wallace ’19
2nd: Mia Mullings ’20
3rd: Kate Swasey ’21

1st: Kate Swasey ’21
2nd: Syd Wallace ’19 and Claudia Narberhaus ’21
3rd: Mia Mullings ’20

Middle school: Zinny Hull ’23 and Scarlett Amlee ’23
Upper school: Melissa Ndabarasa ’20