The Stoneleigh-Burnham School Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Team has begun its season strongly with solid performances at horse shows on Oct. 21 and Oct.27. The next IEA show will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at SBS. Read more about the equestrian program at SBS here.

Oct. 27 results:
SBS Upper School: 3rd overall
Jaelyn: 6th place on the flat
Katie: 1st over fences, 6th on the flat
Cynthia: 2nd, 6th
Ella: 3rd, 5th
Nina: 4th, 6th
Maddie M: 3rd
Olivia M: 5th
Mackenzie: 3rd, 5th
Julia: 6th
Jessica: 2nd, 4th

Oct. 21 results:
SBS Upper School: 5th place overall
SBS Middle School: overall reserve champion
Jax: 2nd over fences, 3rd on the flat
Jaelynn: 2nd on the flat
Katie: 2nd over fences, 5th on the flat
Cynthia: 4th over fences
Grace: 3rd over fences, 6th on flat
Maddie M: 5th over fences, 6th on the flat
Maddie J: 5th over fences, 4th on the flat
Nina: 3rd over fences
Ella: 3rd on flat, 6th over fences
Gini: 4th on the flat
Julia: 3rd on the flat
Jess: 1st over fences, 1st on the flat
Mackenzie: 2nd over fences, 4th on the flat