Stoneleigh-Burnham School hosted an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Show on Saturday, Nov. 11. The SBS team earned 4th place overall, and Clem Silvain ’19 earned the Sportsmanship Award. Here are the rest of the results:

Jacqueline (Jax) Morgan ’19: 2nd over fences, 2nd on the flat
Clem Silvain ’19: 3rd over fences, 4th on the flat
Khaki Warford ’18: 5th over fences, 6th on the flat

Gwen Healy ’19: 5th over fences, 1st on the flat
Payton Lawrence (community rider): 1st on the flat
Anni Richard ’20: 1st fences, 6th flat
Jaelyn Stetson (community rider): 1st fences

Payton Lawrence (community rider): 3rd over fences
Cynthia Wang ’19: 4th over fences
Ella Mackenzie (community rider): 5th over fences
Kate Kowalyshyn ’20: 2nd over fences, 1st on the flat
Isabela Cusano ’19: 1st over fences, 5th on the flat

Nina Kauderer ’20: 2nd on the flat

Ruby Miller ’23: 4th over fences, 2nd on the flat