History Department Mission

The History Department strives to instill in our students a sense of global citizenship that will inspire them to be lifelong learners who understand history as more than a series of events that happened in the past; and to appreciate the relevance of the past to their present and future world. The underclass curriculum has a strong international focus, which establishes the core knowledge and skills needed for success in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. We use a system of “skill mapping” that allows us to increase the complexity and rigor of research, writing, and analytical skills concurrent with grade level. Students are encouraged to become eloquent debaters of the past by using primary source material to create and defend logical theses in strong and well-crafted essays. Ever present in our classrooms is the school-wide goal of helping girls to find their voice and to increase their sense of purpose and identity in a truly global environment.

3 years required including United States History