Dear SBS Community,

I am writing to update you on our progress with the search for a new Head of School. The Search Committee has continued its work forging ahead with the help of our search consultant firm, Carney Sandoe; we have made significant progress. This past weekend the Search Committee interviewed and vetted several new candidates. Also, we honed and revised our interview process to create an operational schedule to keep us on track to meet our ultimate goal: to present you with several highly qualified candidates for the position of Head of School.

We recognize that our school is at its best when it is in full operating mode and that our students are our best ambassadors. With this in mind, the following are our next steps:

1)We have reopened the search with Carney Sandoe, who are actively vetting new candidates. We have already met with several candidates and aim to meet with even more in the next few days.

2)Candidates who advance from semi-finalist to finalist stage will be invited to a two-day finalist visit to the school, which we are organizing on a rolling schedule as candidates emerge. The primary focus of this in-depth visit is for candidates to  explore our community and meet with our primary stakeholders — faculty members, staff, department heads, senior administrators, students, and parents in small meetings, as well as general “town hall” formats. These visits are an opportunity to consider very seriously if these finalists are an appropriate fit for SBS.

3)Following the two-day finalist visit(s), we will be soliciting detailed feedback from you via an anonymous online survey. I urge you to approach this survey in the most thoughtful and comprehensive manner possible; your feedback is essential to the next stage of the process.

4)The Search Committee will meet to review the results of the online survey. We will then move appropriate candidates forward for the final round of interviews with the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees in late July or early in the Fall.

5)The Search Committee and Board of Trustees will vote for a new Head of School and present him or her to you as soon as this process is complete.

I recognize that we are asking you to make time during one of the more hectic periods of the year, but I am confident that we can rely upon you to make our candidates feel welcome, and help them get to know you and our school. SBS is a very special place, and we believe candidates can only appreciate these qualities of our community when all of its components are in place.

This is your opportunity to take an active role in choosing a new leader for Stoneleigh-Burnham. Please do take the time to fill in the survey thoughtfully and thoroughly when you receive it. Every voice matters; make yours count!

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

As a Committee, we are committed to keeping the search going until we are confident that we are introducing to you the most qualified and appropriate candidates who are sincerely excited about leading us through Stoneleigh-Burnham’s next exciting chapter.


Lynn Schultz Kehoe ‘77
Chair, Head of School Search Committee